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Why you should choose Integrated Physical Therapy for your Berwyn Physical Therapy Services and Treatments.

Integrated Physical Therapy LLC is the leading Berwyn physical therapy clinic serving Berwyn, PA. Integrated PT is a fully licensed, direct access facility with 20 years of experience providing the highest quality therapy for sports injuries, migraines, concussions and chronic injuries in Berwyn PA. Being direct access allows us to treat you within the first 72 hours of your injury without the need for a prescription or referral from a doctor or physician. You can put your trust and faith in us to ensure you leave feeling better than ever before. Our physical therapists put your personal situation and goals at the center of your treatment plan when you come to us for help.
Integrated PT provides every client one-on-one physical therapy sessions using techniques developed through 20 years of experience to ensure you recover as quick as possible. While other clinics may focus on one type of physical therapy, we pride ourselves on expertise with treating a wide variety of injuries. We can treat common, minor pain in the neck, back, shoulder and knee, as well as chronic pain. We also treat many clients with sports injuries, tmj pain, and people with weakened strength. This allows us to treat someone no matter what type of injury they have suffered. Our therapists are fully capable of treating arthritis, stenosis, jaw pain, or rotator cuff injuries in Berwyn PA. See a list of our options below.
Integrated Physical Therapy not only provides quality Berwyn physical therapy to a variety of injury types, but also at a faster rate. As a direct access facility, we can begin to treat you within the first 72 hours of your injury to help drastically improve your recovery time. When you have to consider who to go to for getting treatment, you want a clinic that can take you in as soon as possible. Whether you've suffered a minor sprain or a serious injury, it's best to get treated as soon as possible. Don't spend too much time getting a prescription from a doctor. Come to Integrated PT where you can be treated faster to feel better than ever before.
Our physical therapy programs offer treatment programs you won't find anywhere else. If you have certain limitations for your road to recovery or a unique injury experience, Integrated PT has you covered. We will tailor our approach to put your personal experience at the center of the treatment plan. We find that other therapy centers take a cookie cutter attitude toward each patient. We are believers that one size does not fit all, and take great pride in giving you, our client, the best experience possible during treatment. If you are in Berwyn PA and are in need of physical therapy treatment, Integrated PT is here to help you.

Berwyn Physical Therapists

Our therapists are professionally trained and specialize in covering a wide variety of physical therapy programs in Berwyn PA. This enables us to completely customize your experience depending on the type of injury you've sustained. Our areas of expertise include spinal injuries, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, chronic pain, migraines, tmj, and concussions. Our customized programs involve three key parts: A physical examination to identify the problem areas, followed by a complete evaluation to determine your needs and development goals. Lastly, we will develop a treatment plan for you to achieve a quick, healthy recovery. Every therapist implements the treatment philosophy and model gained and developed over 20 years of clinical experience. If you want a totally different and unique treatment for your injury, consider Integrated Physical Therapy.
Our physical therapists are all trained physicians with the experience needed to properly treat our patients. They have earned degrees and certifications to specialize in the physical therapy programs we provide in Berwyn Pennsylvania. Our priority is to help you achieve your rehabilitation goals as soon as possible. We understand that every type of injury should be taken seriously and treated with respect. Rather than relying on one type of therapy, we have the luxury of being versed in a wide range of hands-on therapeutic modalities. When you are in need of physical therapy for your injuries, you want a physical therapist that will be fully invested in your healing process. Call Integrated PT at one of our locations below, where your road to recovery is our number one concern.

Berwyn Physical Therapy conditions we treat:

Degenerative Spinal Conditions

- Neck and Back Pain
- Degenerative Disc / Joint Disease
- Radicular Pain / Symptoms
- Stenosis
- Arthritis


Pre & Post operative

- Shoulder Pain
- Impingement Syndrome
- Rotator Cuff Tears
- Dislocation / Separations


Pre & Post operative

- Knee Pain
- Patella Femoral Pain
- Ligament Injuries
- Arthritis
- Total Knee Replacements

Sports-related injuries

- Rotator Cuff Injuries / Tears
- Shoulder Instability
- Elbow / Wrist Injuries
- Lateral Epicondylitis
- Hip Bursitis / Tendonitis
- ACL Rehabilitation
- Ankle Sprains
- Achilles Tear
- Concussions

Chronic Pain

- Neck and Back Pain
- Myofascial Pain
- Fibromyalgia
- Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Headache/Migraine and TMJ Pain

- Concussion
- Light Sensitivity
- Sound Sensitivity
- Jaw Pain
- Difficulty Chewing


Range-of-motion and overall function limitations

- Decreased Recreational Activities
- Decreased Work Related Activities
- Decreased Daily Activities
- Decreased Endurance

If you've sustained an injury and require physical therapy in Berwyn PA 19312, contact Integrated Physical Therapy, where you are guaranteed a personalized approach to your treatment and care. Call us at one of our locations below or fill out our contact form here.